We support founders to make 

a global impact


Alfabeat is an early stage venture capital fund focusing on B2B Enterprise Software projects with global potential.

We believe that culturally aware founders, empowered by global alliances, can create new technologies that make a positive, meaningful impact. We foster founders from Europe on the way to global Series A. We provide guidance, access to our international venture capital network, and support of world-class experts.


Human impact

#cultural awareness #diversity #human factor 

We believe in people who are open to the world and want to change it through their experiences. We are looking for founders who want to leave a significant mark in history. We focus on people who are not afraid of challenges and look forward to the future. Our goal is to give founders the support to help people change lives and transform businesses.

Global alliances

#global mindset #cooperation #networking 

We firmly believe that cooperation and global alliances lead to solid companies. We support founders who have a global mindset and focus on international development. We motivate them to look more broadly at the scope of their impact. We provide them guidance, access to our international venture capital network, and support of world-class experts.

Positive technology

#technology #advantage #edge

We believe that technology should bring a positive impact. Technology is the basis of our world’s development today. We are sure that even the smallest technological innovations can significantly affect people’s lives. We are looking for projects that have a competitive and technological advantage, enabling rapid growth in global markets.

We are proud of our founders

Europe / CEE

#europe #cee #poland #techhub

Europe, especially Central and Eastern Europe, holds a very special place in our hearts and minds. History shows how much influence Europe has on human development. Thanks to access to hundreds of thousands of university graduates, CEE is becoming a desired place for tech hubs (Google, Amazon, Opera, Nokia). Market trends point to European SaaS companies as attractive targets for acquisition. We believe that there will be more and more global projects in Europe.

Enterprise Software

#B2B #enterprise #cloud #software 

Enterprise Software is Top 1 VC backed sector in Europe. We are looking for B2B Enterprise Software projects for vertical markets. Projects must have a proven technological advantage. The founders are crucial to us, so we need 100% commitment from an experienced team to deliver at least 3x growth potential YoY.